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by Michael Warwick
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Hawaii Gallery


I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Big Island of Hawaii to view and photograph the flow of lava from the Kilauea Volcano as it traveled through underground tubes and broke through the surface to enter the ocean. What an incredible sight to witness how much of the land was originally created. Having visited many of the Islands over the past several years, I decided it was time to create a Hawaii Gallery and share some of the beautiful sights of this paradise. An interesting one time Hawaii was void of mosquitoes. Oh, how I wish that was still true today.



Lava Flow


Black Sand Beach


Rainbows End


Kaui View


Akaka Falls




Paradise Beach


Maui Hana Falls




Road to Hana


Umauma Falls


Rainbow Falls


Lava Tree Road


Lava Trees


Maui Surf


Tropical Lilies




Red Torch Ginger


Rainforest Flower






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