The River of Life
Water is life. From the sap in plants to the living cells of animals, water is the predominate component and a key element of all living things.

Seventy-five percent of the earth's surface is water. The continuous movement of water between the earth and the atmosphere has a significant relationship to all life on the planet.

Because of its capacity to dissolve many different substances, pure water rarely occurs in nature. Carbon dioxide and other gases, as well as traces of organic and inorganic material are all absorbed in rain and snow. Radioactive particles and air born pollutants are also absorbed in the process of condensation and precipitation.

Surface and ground water continue the process of dissolving and carrying pollutants in the form of domestic sewage, agricultural chemicals and industrial waste.

The next time you draw that cool glass of life-sustaining water from the faucet remember the incredible process of condensation and precipitation that brought it to you.
Take a moment to reflect upon this essential resource and consider the impact of what we are doing as caretakers of these delicate natural systems.



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