Natural Visions - Fine Art Photography
by Michael Warwick
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Southwest Gallery


Utah and Arizona offer some of the the  most unique and diverse geography anywhere in the world.  When dusted with snow, it offers magnificent contrasts and reveals new visions.  I had been asking for just such an opportunity. A sudden low pressure system descended on Sedona.  Quickly making the plane and four-wheel reservations -- I spent two wonderful days in this red-rock country, accompanied by blue sky, wispy clouds and up to eighteen inches of snow. Unbelievable!


Sedona View


Wilson Arch


Double Arches


Grand Canyon


Bryce Canyon


Mammoth Hot Springs


Time, Wind & Water


Sculptured Elegance


Zion View


Zion Cave


Weeping Rock


Zion Valley


Bryce Sunset Point


Bryce Erosion


Queen's Garden


Natural Bridges


Delicate Arch


Painted Dessert


Grand Canyon View


Grand Canyon View2




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